Herbal Essences Metal Shampoo Repairs Argan 430ml – VZF959


Brand: Herbal essences
Color: Clear


Herbal Essences Metal Shampoo Repairs Argan 430ml – VZF959

Awarded product to the best echo launch with the VPC Gold Green Beauty Award.

Herbal shampoo essences with argan oil from Morocco helps return life to hair.

It is made with an exclusive mixture of essential antioxidants, Aloe and Marine Alga.

Since you open the bottle, the aroma of argan oil from Morocco will transport you to the warm sands of Morocco.

Immerse yourself in the scent of creamy vanilla followed by an outfervescent citrus and persistent exotic spices.

Now it comes with a bottle inspired by nature, lasting and filling.

Specifications:-Harly to repair damaged hair (repairing the damage caused by the hairstyle) and leaves it bright and soft.

-This bottle of shampoo without plastic (except the dispenser) and ecological is filling and recyclable, made to reuse again and again.

-Use it together with the replacement of the Good Refill shampoo to reduce more plastic residues by 60 %.

-This shampoo with argan oil from Morocco has the balanced pH and is safe for dyed hair.

-Champú respectful of animals, certified by Peta.

-Orgullos of being associated with the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew, world leader in botany.

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